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Five Essential Questions to ask before making the Purchase

You're revved up and ready to buy Matching Rings, but be sure to hold your horses! Here are five essential questions you should ask yourself prior to making the purchase.

1. What's the Purpose?

Clarify why you are giving this Couple Bracelets to anything else. It could be a declaration of loyalty, a commitment to a shared future or perhaps an interim measure until an engagement ring is made? Understanding the meaning behind the ring will help you choose the most appropriate one.

2. What's his style?

Do you know a guy who prefers simple, classic designs or something more striking? You'll want to choose a ring that reflects not just his style but as well his lifestyle.

3. What is the budget?

It is essential to have a clear financial plan. Remember, this isn't necessarily an all-time commitment to the ring, but to the person. Spending within your means is a sign of a mature relationship.

4. Have You Discussed It?

A promise ring may be romantic but it is also a meaningful symbol. It's a good idea to talk about it to ensure you are both on the same page.

5. What is the Return Policy?

Let's keep it simple. There aren't all gifts that are winners. If your gift isn't perfect, whether in the size or in style look into the return policy.

Keep these questions in your pocket when you begin your ring-shopping journey. They're designed for you to guide you and make sure that when you purchase the ring, it's something that is meaningful and thoughtful.

Setting Expectations Setting Expectations: The Do's and Don'ts of Promise Ring Etiquette

Okay, now that you're getting closer to making that purchase we'll discuss expectations. Promise rings have their own set of unspoken rules, etiquettes, and expectations. Understanding these can ease the process for you both.


Do Discuss It. Promise rings are a symbol of mutual understanding. Communication is therefore vital. A clear and honest conversation can help to establish the stage for a meaningful discussion.

Do Personalize It The more individualized the ring, the more special it will feel. We've discussed customization before however we believe it's important to repeat.

As we have discussed previously the importance of timing. Pick a time that will add to the emotional significance of the promise.


Don't Pressure: If your partner isn't ready to take this step Don't make it a priority to force it. A promise ring should be a sign of love and commitment.

Don't go overboard: Financial wellbeing is part of any healthy relationship. Make sure you stick to your budget and remember that the ring isn't an indication of your love.

Don't forget to discuss the topic Surprise gifts can be fun, however major actions like these must be discussed.

By taking note of these do's and don'ts, you're more likely to experience a smooth, joyful promise rings exchange that will add a wonderful dimension to your relationship. It's not just about giving or receiving a ring, it's about the intent and understanding behind it.


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