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Rise Together Initiative (RTI) supports Homeless Veterans and Homeless Families by providing temporary, safe, and dignified homes while fostering sustainable life and job skills training for residence, strong community partnerships to ensure resident stability and long-term growth. 

Rise Together Initiative (RTI) is  a non-profit with the  board of directors being 100% volunteer so all funds raised go directly to the program.

(RTI)  offers more of a complete program that will Not just put them up for the night but that helps them with life skills and job training based on their skills and interest with job placement assistance, and when they have completed  the program layout we will assist them in getting permanent housing.

There are follow ups for total of 1 year after housing is obtained to ensure that Residence have help with any new challenges that they might face.  This is the measure of success, that Residence can achieve housing for at least a year with follow up support while building sustainable skills and contributing to the community

Some of the things that separate (RTI) from other homelessness organizations-

(RTI) offers a more complete program to help the homeless not just put them up for the night and then send them back out in the morning.
(RTI) offers life skills training, job skills training , job placement assistance. 
Companion pets are welcome 

(RTI) doesn’t separate members of the family  (Many shelters do not allow for a family to stay together in shelters and if you are a single parent with a child or children of the opposite sex you are separated from your child/children at night time) which for children this can be terrifying and causes many single parents and families not to go to shelters.  

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